First Post: Here’s to many more!

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Using Drama games in the ESL/EFL Classroom: to some, a challenge; to others, a lifetime of fun.

Today I embark on this exciting journey towards sharing what I have learned about this amazing topic with the world.

I hope the information here can help, inform and inspire educators all over the world to start using Drama as a means to facilitate Language Learning.

And I insist: Drama, not Theatre.

Though it is a well aknowledged fact that role-playing and mise-en-scene are great tools, this Blog will mostly focus on DRAMA GAMES and their practical use in the ESL/EFL classroom.

Also, there will be some book and article reviews, as well as other connections to the academic world and research on the topic.

Well, I hope you can have as much fun reading this blog as I am having writing it!

Lots of love and drama games,

Michelle Schirpa

(the ESL Drama Queen :P)

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