DSCF1276Michelle Schirpa first came into contact with Drama Games as a student in São Paulo, Brazil at the age of 14.

Since then, the theme became her passion and she persued a carrer as an English Teacher and Drama Games researcher.

Nowadays she lives in Basel, Switzerland, where she continues her quest to research, apply and spread the word about Drama Games and their (a)effective use in the ESL/EFL classroom.


Few people have the opportunity to have a director who is also a teacher and a mentor – but I did when I was part of Michelle’s theater group. I had the pleasure to be part of two of her productions for a theater festival in the English language, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I was always in awe with her ability to teach/direct a group of over 20 teenagers without having to speak one word in Portuguese. That was an extremely complicated task for her as there were different levels of English proficiency within the group. I joined other groups with different directors, however I never felt they pushed myself to be my best in the stage and in life, like Michelle did. As a professor, instructor or director, Michelle has earned my highest recommendation and biggest respect.

V. Rados - Former Student